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  • Elizabeth

    26 32.91%
  • Agnes

    17 21.52%
  • Vivian

    26 32.91%
  • Amelia

    27 34.18%
  • Martha

    11 13.92%
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    I think Vivian goes best with Sylvia and Josephine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lady View Post
    It seems like people like Elizabeth, any ideas for nicknames?

    Do you like Milly or Vivi with Sylvie and Josie?
    Sylvie and Vivi seem a little bit close as sisters for me, with the -vee sound in both names. Sylvie, Josie and Milly work better than Sylvie, Josie and Vivi, I feel.

    As for nicknames for Elizabeth, there's a ton. The most common ones are Liz/zie, Libby, Ellie, Beth, Eliza and Liza - like any of those?

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    I like Ellie and Lizzie but fear they are so common. Sylvie and. Josie are somewhat unique and I don't want there to be 2 or three Elizabeth's in her grade. Not that it's a huge deal but I grew up as the only. Molly in my grade.

    I agree Vivian works but Vivi seems a lot like Sylvie because of the "v" sound.

    I like Milly but don't know how to get there. Amelia my husband does not love and he hates Mildred

    We both love Aggie but Agnes is growing on us.

    This naming stuff is hard

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    My vote was Elizabeth.

    Sylvie, Josie, and Libby- My favorite
    Sylvie, Josie, and Lizzie- adore this
    Sylvie, Josie, and Ellie- Like
    Sylvie, Josie, and Vivi- I agree with PP the "vi" is a little close
    Sylvie, Josie, and Milly- Do you like Millie? Seems like it would flow with the spellings of the others better.

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    I do like Millie

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