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    My top tip: never make a threat you aren't willing to carry out. Once they know you aren't 'going home right now' you are dooooomed.
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    No kidding, Norbury! I always pay attention when I hear a parent say, "If you don't stop X by the time I count to three..." because I start counting down in my head, to see if they actually follow thru with a time out or even a promise of a time out when they get home. I am a Supernanny devotee, and it blows my mind how after Jo gives these parents a very clear, easy to implement warning/timeout policy, the parents just don't get it. I saw one where the mom was driving with her two boys and saying, "Warning! This is your warning! Warning, boys, I'm giving you a warning! Warning!" until the kids started mocking her saying, "Warning! Warning! Warning!" You are just making empty promises, and removing any power from the word.

    I plan to say things like, "I understand that you are angry that you can't have a cookie before dinner. But that is just the way it is. Now you can calm down and play this game before dinner, or you can have your tantrum in another room." If he continues to pitch a fit, I will just remove him from the area until he figures out that screaming will not get him anything. I don't plan to let him scream his head off in the same room where I am working/making dinner.

    Handling tantrums in public is another matter, I'm sure. You can't put them in another room, but I could take him outside to scream it out. If he's old enough, he will get a warning with timeout to follow as soon as possible. something like, "This is your warning. If you do not stop screaming, you will be going on a timeout as soon as we get home." Or, if dad is there too, he might be able to do a timeout on a nearby bench or something. We shall see.
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