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    Ok this is bizarre because i had my first name-related dream last night too! I almost started a thread for it as soon as i woke up, but i got distracted!

    I adore the name Philo, and it has not gotten positive feedback at keep that in mind when i explain my dream.

    So in my dream, it was like i was 10-15 years in my own future, and i was working at the career I'm going to grad school for, and was married, had kids, etc. and basically the "plot" of my dream was that my sister and i were trying to recreate a recipe of something her husband had eaten (i wish i could remember what it was, because it sounded pretty awesome), and we finally found a recipe for it and as i was reading the ingredients off, i said "Phyllo pastry dough" and accidentally pronounced it the same way as Philo. And in my dream i panicked for a moment and was like "omg the other 'berries were right, people will pronounce the dough like his name"

    And then i kind of just looked over at my kid, who was named Philo (and he totally had red hair and I've never pictured myself with redheaded kids, but my mom is a redhead so it's possible) and i realized he hadn't batted an eye, and dream-me was just like "oh. This isn't a big deal at all" and just went about the rest of the recipe.

    It was totally relieving, like i can absolutely picture it on a kid and i totally don't even care about the pastry thing. And now i just picture myself having a little redheaded Philo.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I dreamed of a name once! In it my boyfriend and I had a baby girl named Adeline Esme, Adeline turned out to be a family name for him and Esme has been my favorite for years! I like the combination of the two so I'd consider using it one day!! I had another dream where we had a baby, but in that one the baby was nameless.

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    Wow, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's had weird dreams like this! I once had a dream I was searching for my daughter Annika, when I woke up I thought how much that name wasn't remotely close to anything I like, nor have I ever heard it. I had another dream where I was talking to my son and he told me his name was Jacob. (I know too many Jacob's to name my child that!)
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    I know what some of you mean about just knowing what someone's name (in a dream) is. My dreams never have any talking or anything. Mostly just thoughts in people's heads, and somehow everyone knows what one another is thinking lol. Anyway, I always dream of having daughters, even though I would prefer to have sons haha, and one is named Natalie, the other doesn't seem to have a name. I liked the name Natalie when I was younger, and it is still nice, but I definitely don't plan on using it!

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    I once dreamt that my best friend had a little sister who looked exactly like her and was supposed to be a secret, and in my dream, her secret little sister was named Africa. Yeah, I don't even know.
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