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    I Dreamed of a Name!

    I don't know if this is normal for you other berries, but this has never happened to me! In fact the people in my dreams don't even have names because I feel like I know them already. And as far as I remember I've never dreamed of any written words. But last night I dreamed that I was on a game-show type thing on a timer and whoever controlled it knew my answers. The announcer person asked something along the lines of "What is your favorite name, always at the back of your mind?" The time was so close to ending and I felt very urgent. I've never had a 'favorite' name but I said "I don't know, Prescott, Leonidas?" While I love these names, I know they aren't my favorites. The announcer shook his head and pointed to this giant board. And right as the timer buzzed, a name lit up- neon green and in all caps: THOMAS.
    I've always liked Thomas and have used it in a book but have never actually considered it as a name for one of my children, mainly because I don't really like Tom or Tommy and don't think anyone would use Thomas all the time. But in the dream, when I saw Thomas, I felt so relieved I nearly cried, like I finally had my answer.

    (I'm not pregnant or trying.) Do think this is my subconscious telling me what I really think is The Name? Or was it just a crazy dream?

    Have you ever dreamed of a name? What was it? Did you use it or are you planning to?
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