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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Izzy : Well, Iam asleep the entire day so I can understand you lol.
    @Ebony :if I dont do well on that test I will propably get a very low grade. It's the last year so I really want to give my best ( although this hasn't happen yet lol) .

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    Em: The pilgrim's didn't actually arrive at the end of November. They actually arrived a few weeks earlier. What went down on the first Thanksgiving was a massacre of a Native American tribe by a combination of settlers and a neighboring Native tribe.

    And my school only has four classes a semester. I have History, Pre-Calc, French, and Psychology (but it's a college level class so it's not everyday).

    Oh my gosh! I saw the posts about people not having school on Monday, and I'm jealous! But that's not what I OMG'd about. I forgot I have a 10-page essay due in two weeks and I don't even have a topic picked! And to make it worse, no two people can have the same topic and you can't know anyone else's topics! Gr...
    just a confused teenberry.
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    Hmmm...does anyone know why Canadians have Thanksgiving in October? I saw the earlier posts about when the Pilgrims got here and everything and realized that if they got here a few weeks before the end of November, we still celebrate it before they would have arrived. And I have no idea why Any explanations?
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    Well everyone I don't have any days of until november when its the summer holidays. They had to put the queens birthday holiday when we were already off school. I do get monday off as thats a teacher day but I've got to pack and drive to Perth to get to boarding school.
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    My classes for a Monday are RME, PE, Maths, PE, English then Gaelic. I have been off school since the 4th of October and I go back on the 22nd. Then I have Christmas holiday which are from 20th of December to the 6th of January then I have Easter for two weeks then Summer holidays for 6 and a half weeks.

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