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    20 Facts About You!

    Another lets-get-to-know-each-other thread I thought this would be fun and I've seen similar stuff on numerous social networking sites. It might spark some interesting conversations too, I'm personally fascinated by the array of backgrounds/cultures etc. that Berries are drawn from.

    [Deleted, sorry]

    So... I wanna know about you all!! It can be anything you like.
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    This sounds like fun!!

    1) My best friend, who is practically like my older sister, is named Stacey (she actually has an account on here, @stace92x)and she lives in Merseyside, UK. We have never met in person, but became best friends through Twitter and a band we both liked (*cough* One Direction *cough*) when I was 15 and a half, and have been best friends ever since. She is the one person who I tell everything to, and she means the absolute world to me. My other best friends, Tanya and Jakie (Jackie, minus the c) live in England and Australia, Tanya, Stacey and I have all known each other for the same amount of time, and are literally like the three amigos, whereas Jakie and I have known each other for about a year, and are very close. The three of them, and my younger sister, Mikayla, are the only people I share my name lists with.

    2) I was bullied severely from age 7 to about age 16, and I have developed terrible self-confidence and low self-esteem from it, mainly because of the many comments that were made about me and the threats I used to receive from classmates.

    3) My favourite movies are The Imitation Game (Alan Turing's story is so sad, and I find it disgusting how he was treated, because, he was a true hero), Unbroken, Nine Months, A Walk Among The Tombstones, and Freedom Writers, but my favourite movie of all time, has been and always will be, Grease.

    4) I don't watch much television, but the shows I am completely addicted to are Downton Abbey, Scrubs, Skins, and My Strange Addiction.

    5) As a child, I was completely infatuated with Harry Potter, and I literally owned everything Harry Potter, even a costume to dress as him for Halloween.

    6) When I was 16, I received an autograph in the mail from Jack O'Connell (Cook from Skins, and now, Louis Zamperini in Unbroken), and I literally cried because he spelled my name correctly.

    7) My best friend managed to get me a signed birthday card from one of our favourite bands (Kingsland Road) for my 19th birthday, and I keep it on my dresser to make me smile whenever I feel really upset.

    8) The names Daniel, James and Matthew have been on my name lists since I was 7 years old (or younger).

    9) I am a sucker for an Irish accent and blue eyes, which explains why Tom Branson is my favourite on Downton Abbey.

    10) I'm probably one of the girliest people ever - I literally love anything pink, vintage, and covered in flowers - my bedding is currently a vintage style floral quilt, with white sheets that have pale purple, pink and blue flowers on it, and I have a pink vase of fake roses on my dresser.

    11) I am the queen of overthinking things, which makes me stress a lot, and occasionally go into a panic attack.

    12) I am going to be attending college in September, to study Journalism, which excites me, because I've loved writing and English since I was young. My other favourite subjects in school were history (mainly American and European - Canadian history didn't really take off as much until the 1900s) and French (which I am somewhat fluent in).

    13) I love British bands - Stereo Kicks, One Direction, The Vamps, Kingsland Road, etc, and, like a typical, teenage girl (maybe more of a preteen girl...), I have favourites in each band haha. Tom Mann, James Graham, Chris Leonard & Casey Johnson (Stereo Kicks), Louis Tomlinson (One Direction), James McVey (The Vamps) and Matt Cahill (Kingsland Road).

    14) I cannot stand cheese, unless it's on a pizza, and even then, I can't eat pizza if there's too much cheese on it.

    15) My favourite place in the world is New York City - I went when I was 15 years old, and I had so much fun.

    16) I have been obsessed with history since I was little, especially the Medieval era, the Victorian era, the Georgian era, the 1900s, 1920s, 1950s and 1970s.

    17) My maternal grandparents are/were from the United Kingdom (England, but with Welsh and Scottish roots). My grandmother was originally from London (now living in Canada), and she is literally my hero. She has defied all odds throughout her life, and managed to do a few crazy things (like throwing a bag of dog poo off of a balcony and having it land on a passing police officer in France) at the same time. She's about as English as they come, as my mum says. My nana and I are very close, and I love the relationship she and I have, especially since she is my last surviving grandparent (other than her, I have my paternal great-grandmother, who I am not close to at all). My family has some interesting history to it as well - a family of sailors from England, a head matron on the Titanic, a teenage runaway from Wales who joined the mob in Chicago and was shot escaping prison, Lady Sarah Ferguson, it goes on, haha.

    18) I have known that I have wanted to have children of my own since I was about 2 years old - I've always wanted to be a mummy and I'm determined to have that come true one day.

    19) My absolute favourite meal is Chicken Teriyaki with white rice, broccoli, soya sauce and a Sprite.

    20) My proudest moment happened when I was about 17, I had a work experience placement through school at a provincially run school for children who are visually impaired or deafblind. I was in a grade 2/3 class with 6 students between the ages of 7 and 8, who all had very, very different emotional and physical needs. The one student was very far behind in learning, because her previous school (a public school, with no experience working with students with learning disabilities and visual impairment) had basically done her school work for her. She arrived at the school in grade 3 (age 8), without knowing how to read, spell or write her name. Within the 4 months that I was there, her teacher (my placement supervisor) had asked me to sit aside with her and work one on one with teaching her basic skills for learning. When I started, she could not write the first letter of her name, and could occasionally point it out if it was written in a word, and by January, when I left, I had managed to help her learn to read, write and spell her first name, to the point where she used a song that her teacher and I had come up with to help her remember her name. Knowing that I helped her learn that, and seeing how far she had come made me feel like I had actually done something so wonderful - it's truly an amazing feeling.

    Sorry, that's extremely long winded of me, and I feel like I gave the world's most useless information haha. I'm incredibly boring though, that's why
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    Fun thread.

    1. I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian and the only vegetarian among my family. I "converted" in my teenage years, but as a child I hated almost all veggies.

    2. I memorize almost all of my friends and old classmates' birthdays, no notes or facebook notification required. In fact, I don't even use facebook.

    3. For someone born and raised in a tropical country, I really can't resist hot temperature. I'm looking forward to move far away someday, but I still dunno where and how to get there. I mostly worry about job, I guess.

    4. I have one BA degree (graduated in 2014) and am considering a master, but everytime I try to write a motivation letter or prepare any documents required, I feel kinda stuck. So I guess that one can wait for a little while.

    5. I had an extreme depression last year. I guess I still do now, but it's more like an on-again-off-again kind of thing.

    6. I am an INFJ (yay, rarest! ), but I'm actually more of an ambivert. Too bad MBTI only have E and I there.

    7. Harry Potter series turned me into a total bookworm. Now I read almost anything. The craziest book I've ever read is a memoar of a schizophrenic. Literally crazy.

    8. My favourite colour is indigo, but I don't think I own anything with that colour.

    9. I used to be a philophobic (not even kidding), I fell in love for the first time late in my life for because of this. As a teenager I never even had a crush on anyone. I guess I still have a trust issue with love sometimes, but it's nothing as extreme.

    10. I claim to be the laziest person on earth. No one can beat me.

    11. Some of my best friends live in different continents. I really hope to visit them someday.

    12. I have a fairly good relationship with my parents, but they're also the source of my depression many times. We're just so different and they aren't the most open minded people -they never understand me. I knew I want to be a mother since I was 9 and I hope I can build a better relationship with my future kids. Best scenario is to find an amazing guy and get married first, else I'll just adopt as a single parent.

    13. My favourite flower is my own birth flower, rose. I also love gardenia, edelweiss (my GP name), forget-me-not and many others though. My favourite gem stones are sapphire and diamond.

    14. I've been a name nerd since I was six.

    15. I'm a sapiophile through and through. My last boyfriend called it a brain fetish. ._.

    16. I listen to songs in twelve different languages. Not that I understand them all, I just love to listen to music and foreign languages.

    17. I used to claim chocolate as my one and only true love. I loooove chocolate.

    18. I can't do much with my hair. It's long and silky straight, until the point where hairdressers told me curly/wavy hair will last maximum two months on me, where for other people it can last twice or thrice longer. It's naturally dark brown and I never dye it either.

    19. Honestly, I still don't know what I really want to do in my life. I'm kinda stuck in a place I hate to be in. .-.

    20. I have so many interests -science, art, fashion, film, foreign music, astronomy, psychology, etc. If money is not an issue, I'll be a student forever.
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    1. I'm an INTJ (yay, rarest for a woman!!!), but borderline J/P. I think I became borderline from having an ISFJ mother... very strong on the S and J.
    2. I'm married to an ENTJ... which creates interesting challenges (like we both have an inability to notice details, and neither of us sugarcoat things), but it has also given me a great deal of comfort.
    3. I met my husband 3 years ago, and we married 2 years ago in Thailand. He's the only man I can ever imagine myself with... he really completes me.
    4. I have a 7 month old daughter, Emiliana Pari.
    5. I love to read, and I have an obsession with literary names... which is why Pari is not only from Persian history and mythology, but there were also armies of pari in the Shahnameh. Her Chinese name, 郑煜曈 means "a sparkling sun about to rise", and the last character is from a Song Dynasty poem.
    6. I have studied Italian, Latin, and Russian in school (I don't remember them AT ALL). I minored in Mandarin Chinese, which I'm ok at... I guess... I'm learning Persian/ Farsi slowly.
    7. I love history. I was an American Civil War buff as a child. I visited a ton of battlefields with my dad when I was young. I'm obviously not that girly...
    8. I have floppy hair, and a ton of it. I'm very lazy for things like hair, so I'm not really sure what to do with it. It's constantly in my way.
    9. I love things made of wood. It's really a strange obsession of mine... I love the wood grain, and I love polishing the wood to see the browns, reds, and yellows jump out. My dream home includes a ton of wood.
    10. I live in the middle of China. I'm 30, and I've spent 6 or 7 years of my life in China... it's an adventure.
    11. I volunteered at an orphanage in China for awhile. Unfortunately, my friend who ran it recently passed away from cancer. The government then found an excuse to shut it down. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life.
    12. I often feel frustrated, as I've lost my voice. I'm an American living in China, married to an Iranian. There are so many things I'd like to say... but I have to be careful, because I'm always being watched.
    13. I love knitting, but I don't know how to sew sweaters together.
    14. I love photography... if I had more money, I'd invest in more equipment.
    15. My favourite childhood experience was when I was 10-12 years old. I used to go with my neighbors to the Shenandoah River to go tubing... waterfalls, wild raspberries, and whitewater. Now that we're older, I really miss those days. I hope I can do something like that for my daughter.
    16. I studied anthropology as an undergrad, so I have a huge love of handicrafts. I'm especially obsessed with Iranian gilim (kilim), a kind of wool rug. They are gorgeous...
    17. I am really untraditional about holidays. I don't want to tell Emiliana that Santa is real. This has caused many problems in my family, as they seem to think she won't learn to give (???). I also want to resurrect an ancient Persian holiday, Mehregan, which is no longer celebrated in Iran... but we will celebrate it!
    18. I love documentaries. I force my students to watch documentaries on random parts of American culture... like the Amish. LOL.
    19. My master's thesis was on human trafficking prevention.
    20. I have a VERY dry sense of humour, but no one else in my family does. I used to get in a lot of trouble when people would take me seriously...
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    Here goes,

    1 I am a Christian, my faith is important to me.
    2 I am probably the pickiest eater I know, it is something that I need to work on and am trying to.
    3 I am a very maternal person, in high school some of my teachers would call me Mother Hen.
    4 I met my husband when I was fifteen and married him when I was twenty. We will celebrate our seven year wedding anniversary this summer.
    5 I have an almost 12 week old daughter.
    6 I do not have a facebook or twitter account.
    7 I have never had my ears pierced.
    8 My bachelor's degree is in animal and dairy science and my master's is in secondary education. I also hold a teaching license for elementary school.
    9 Have loved names as long as I can remember.
    10 I am a nail biter.
    11 I love to read.
    12 I showed animals, dairy cows growing up.
    13 I have OCD tendencies about certain things, definitely comes from my Mom.
    14 I love my family and am extremely close to them, not just my family, but my DH's as well.
    15 I'm outgoing and enjoy being around people.
    16 I don't have TV channels, Netflix, etc at my house. We only have a DVD player.
    17 One of my all time favorite books is Ella Enchanted by Gsik Carson Levine, I've had my copy of this book since 4th or 5th grade and still read it once or twice a year.
    18 I love the ovean, but don't really like swimming in pools; which given that I love in the rural southwest US, very removed from the ocean is difficult.
    19 I fear heights and failure.
    20 The farthest place from home that I have been is Germany.

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