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    Your Heritage!!!

    Hi Berries!

    I'm really curious to see what your heritage is! Here's mine:

    25% Finnish
    25% Danish
    25% Irish
    12.5% German
    6.25% Greek
    3.125% Italian
    3.125% Scottish

    Sorry I've gone slightly wacko with the percentages - my grandma and I are really into the genealogy research, and we have a family records book.

    So, what's your heritage? I'm dying to find out!

    (Side note: This means your ancestral background, not your nationality! Caused a little bit of confusion so just thought I'd clear it up.)
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    I'm pretty mixed up:
    50% Portuguese
    25% French
    25%- German, Dutch, Irish, "Prussian" (my dad said we were Prussian, but I have no idea if he means German or what), etc.

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    British through and through, thought there are rumours of German and/or Scandinavian ancestry on my mum's side.
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    I'm roughly (counting only the major things because no one's too sure of the lesser percentages):

    25% Czech, my maternal grandmother is almost completely Czech, but there may be some English or French mixed in.

    25% German, from my maternal grandfather.

    25% Irish, from my paternal grandfather.

    My paternal grandmother has been a problem forever, and it's just getting worse. My great-grandmother lied and said that she was Italian, she even changed her surname. We just found out that she was Polish. What's really weird is that no one ever put the pieces together; my dad was talking about how her brothers and how they were very proudly Polish after my aunt figured it out. We aren't sure about her father, she was the product of a one night stand. Last time I asked they had it narrowed down to Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, or Romanian. The most annoying part is that her younger half sister is still alive and refuses to give a straight answer or says she doesn't know and my grandfather pretends she never told him. She knows, my grandmother knew, my great-grandmother knew, my grandfather knows, they just never wanted the rest of us to know.
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