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Thread: Teenberries!

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    I've finished school for the year! I can't believe it, it went by so fast. Hope your thanksgiving was good! I went over to my friend's house for an early thanksgiving dinner before we went to a party. I live in Australia, but she's American so she did it and invited me. Turkey was great.
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    @Chelsea- awesome! I just have one more paper to write, plus my two exams, then I'm off for Christmas Australia, funny, I love reading about travel and I'm actually perusing threads on a forum about Australia right now. And wishing I could go there! My favourite band The Seekers are from there, the cities look so beautiful in pictures, I love tennis so I want to go to the Australian Open, and kangaroos and wallabies look so cute! I'd love to have a pet kangaroo or wallaby. But I live in Canada and my friend said it'd probably die because it's too cold here...

    Ah sorry for going on, I just get so excited about travel!
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    @Chelsea - Congratulations! We're about 2 months away from being 1/2 done with the school year.
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    Hello all !! How are you ? I feel i have missed a lot

    Today is a very tragic day because an amazing actor die . RIP Paul Walker ! We are always going to remember you .
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    This is really random especially since I haven't been on this thread for so long, but I'm just wondering - is there anyone around here from Canada? I'm moving to New Brunswick next year to stay with some family and go to school there for a while, I'm just wondering what it's like?
    Stupid question, I know that you can't generalise that broadly, but what advice/tips would you give to somebody moving there from England?

    Thanks a lot!
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