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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Lauren - I had a great Halloween! I went to my aunt's party with my cousins, but that was it . My costume:


    With some black leggings, black t-shirt and my black combat boots
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    dramagrl19 Guest
    @Lauren: I went trunk-or-treating at my church I dressed up as Lottie LaBouff!

    @Tali: Love the costume!!!

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    Happy Saturday (or Sunday, depending on where you are).
    @Catalina- Love your costume. It's so funny!
    @Lauren- essays suck! In my AP English class we had to write four mini essays in a 70 minute period. (rolls over and dies). I'm glad you got it done!

    I went to a masquerade party tonight and it was so much fun. Took my mind off the SAT scores I won't be getting for weeks and weeks and weeeeeks.
    A photo of me in my mask is attached.

    Happy weekend!
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    @Catalina, Emily- haha! nice!

    @Athena- yeah I know. I took AP English too. For the exam (and in class practices) it was 3 essays in 2 hours, plus 1 hour for multiple choice, though obviously in class we didn't break it up. One of the most difficult things I've ever had to do in school, but trust me it pays off. And I love your mask! I'd love to go to a masquerade party but don't know anyone who's ever thrown one.
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    My birthday is 27 September .

    @Catalina : thanks for the offer I dont have time right now (low access on internet ) so i will pm you later .
    @Athena : your mask is great !! Do you make it ?

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