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Thread: Teenberries!

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    May 2013
    Hello all ! How are you ?

    @Chelsea : Hi ! How are you ? It was nice seeing you back
    @Lauren : Thank you , honey I feel like someone very close to me , just betray me . Whenever you log in FB , please pm me

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    @Chelsea-I'm good, how are you? Thats so cool about your drama performance I'm in my school's musical this year, but just in the chorus.
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    I haven't been on this for ages now! I have been really busy with all my school work as I have tests coming up that I need to revise for and I have had an unusually large amount of homework too. Which means I haven't had any time to get on here.

    @Chelsea Hi, I have just been trying to finish some homework that is due for Tuesday, I am now on this but I am going to bed soon as I have work tomorrow . What are you up to? A drama performance sounds fun. My school normally has a Christmas play at the end of the year but it's not happening this year (not sure why). I was in chorus for it in second year but you had to give up too much of your spare time to do it.

    Just wondering when everyone's birthdays are? It would be cool it we had some birthday twins. Mine is next Wednesday on the 6th.

    Edit - I saw some people talking about tennis earlier on and who their favourite players were so I thought I would pipe in. Being from Scotland I am going to have to pick Andy Murray. I have been to see his gold postbox too. It was pretty cool!
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    @Belle - Feel free to PM me too, I might be on my 6th boyfriend right now I am good at working out problems so if you need me just holler and I'll be glad to help
    @Caitlin - My birthday is September 21st.
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    @Catalina my friends birthday is the same day as yours!

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