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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Em- wow, that sounds like fun! I'm the furthest thing from a girly girl and hate wearing makeup and dresses myself, but I love seeing pictures of old-fashioned parties and balls, and other people all dressed up! So I'm no help, but hope you'll post pictures after the event

    Are big dances/parties common to celebrate 15th or any other birthdays? We have the term "sweet sixteen" in Canada but I only had one friend who threw a really elaborate party. Maybe just the type of people my friends are though, none of us are really into dances and things like that.
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    @Tali, @Lauren, and @Izzy: Cotillions stem back from when America was young. Girls (mostly in the southern colonies) would have cotillions around their 14th or 15th birthday to teach them social graces and to make a transition to womanhood. Izzy, you've got the idea. Except these days they're held in banquet halls. But big dresses are customary. Lauren, my cotillion isn't till July 2015, so you're gonna have to wait a while for those pictures. As for balls being help around 15th birthdays, one of my Hispanic friends is having a "quinces" I think it's called? And we do have sweet sixteens here, but those aren't very common in the southeastern states.

    My parents have a budget of $10,000 (USD). We need to start planning now because I need to start taking cotillion classes . They're like etiquette/ballroom dancing classes. I like to have fun with it! So I like looking at dresses!

    These are some that caught my eye:|308313344 (not a huge fan of white, but this one is really pretty!)


    Let me know what you think of these, and post any suggestions. I just want to get an idea of what I would like to wear on the night of my cotillion!

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    Oh my gosh! I wish they had those in Canada! Yeah, the sweet sixteens aren't even that big a deal anymore. Those dresses are literally the most gorgeous things I have ever seen!
    I'm way too shy to have a cotillion of my own, but I wish someone I knew would have one so I could go, and taking the classes sounds really fun!
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    I feel like an old woman sitting here with all my talk about older music while all the rest of you are going on about shoes and make-up and such. :/ Sorry if I seem weird to anyone...
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    @dramagirl i like the one from the last link the best, then the one at, then the first one. those aremy top three. they are all so beautiful

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