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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Belle I also have S+E assignment not due for weeks but I get really bored sometimes in class as my teacher goes on and on, so I'm behind and I'm getting an A currently and need to do well in this unit to have a chance of still getting one since I am hopeless at geography.
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    Welcome @Jai!!

    @Mimi: My school's homecoming is in November, and I'm looking forward to it!!!

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    @Jai - Welcome!

    Well, it's 7:35 in the morning here on Saturday, and my plans for this weekend is to visit my cousins who I haven't seen in 6 years .

    Dreaded Monday! We're taking an enormous test also.
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    @Em I do like it but I sometimes wish I lived closer to the city. That's about one of the only down falls.

    I have a HTC (not sure which one but it's one of the older ones from a couple of years ago) on contract. It used to be my sister but my old phone broke and I didn't want to buy a new one because I honestly don't use my phone a lot. The only times I do use it is if I'm going somewhere and I have to text my parents to say I got there fine or to phone them and say when I would like to be picked up. I don't really text my friends because I normally just speak to them on Facebook, Twitter or at school. I also have the fifth generation Ipod with blue on the back which I use everyday to Snapchat and FaceTime my oldest sister. I really would like an Iphone but I don't really want to waste my money on it when I already have a working phone. Maybe I will get one when my HTC is dead.

    Today I was working at my local hotel where I make the bedrooms and do laundry. It's not the best job in the world but I make money more than my friends! My parents have gone to a wedding today and they are staying in a hotel overnight so it's just me and my older sister at home tonight and for some of tomorrow. Which means we have to make dinner ourselves! I am on my school holidays this week and for next so I don't have to back to school on Monday. I hate Mondays! My Monday timetable is super bad too. What does everyone have on a Monday, class wise?

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    @Tali: I don't have school tomorrow. Most private schools have Columbus Day off anyways.

    @Cait: How far are you from the city?

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