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Thread: Kearny/Kearney?

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    I recently met a girl whose name is Kearny/Kearney (can't remember which - pronounced CAR-nee). I looked it up and it's listed on Nameberry as a boys' name. I just think it's a neat name, and was just wondering what you guys thought of it.
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    I dislike anything that sounds like "carny" on either boys or girls.

    But I am an old fart and dislike 99 out of 100 surname-names.

    Just ran it past my DH, he says it's the name of the bald bully kid on the Simpsons?

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    I like it, but I would pronounce it keer-nee.

    A similar name I like is Keaveney, pronounced keev-en-nee. Or Kenneally. I like names of that sort.

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    I originally thought it was pronounced ker-nee, which makes me think of colonel, or a corn kernel. But the actual pronunciation sounds a lot like "carny" which is derogative slang for someone who works in a circus, carnival, or in the old days, freak show.
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