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    Fresh Meat (err, Names): Which Should I Add? [Boys]

    Thank you, ladies, for all your lovely suggestions for names to add to my list! I've gone over the post several times and have come up with a small (okay, sort of large-ish) list of names I'm considering adding to my list. I'm just interested in opinions on the names themselves now.

    Daniel "Danny"
    Harper (with Avery and Bailey on my list already, is Harper really that bad?)
    Sebastian "Seb(by)"

    For frame of reference, Caleb, Everett, Asher, Jack, Grayson, Avery, Bailey, Samuel, Boaz, Zane, and Brody are the names on my list at the moment.

    If you feel like you have any other ideas you're just dying to share, I won't stop you. I'm still open to suggestions.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    Harper, Declan, and Spencer feel the most like your style to me.

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    Daniel "Danny" - I like it. Goes well with Asher, Samuel, and Caleb. Which is a big deal for me to admit as I love Daniel and Asher but not Samuel or Caleb.
    Declan - A bit trendy.
    Emerson - Would deeply prefer Emmett.
    Harper - Not a big fan for it for either gender but it's more interesting than Hayden/Harrison etc. And I don't mind it on a boy.
    Lev - fits well with Boaz, Asher, and Zane. And also I just love it.
    Linus - It's fine. It's no Lev though. You have names on your list I'd bounce to put Linus on.
    Sebastian "Seb(by)" - I'm debating putting Sebastian on my own list due to my husband's love for it, but I only like Baz as a nickname.
    Spencer - It's okay.

    Leon would be nice. Are you thinking Lev like Leo/Leon or Lev the meaning of heart? Or don't care, and I'm just weird?

    I like Zev too.

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    My favorites are Daniel "Danny", Declan, Sebastian, and Spencer, esp Daniel "Danny" and Spencer, as Declan and Sebastian are all over the place right now.

    Emerson and Harper have gone to the girls too much for me. Linus is cute but reminds too much of Charlie Brown. and Lev is ok but feels like a nickname to me--how about Levon?

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    I like Lev and Linus!
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