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    Fresh Meat (err, Names): Which Should I Add?

    Thank you, ladies, for all your lovely suggestions for names to add to my list! I've gone over the post several times and have come up with a small (okay, sort of large-ish) list of names I'm considering adding to my list. I'm just interested in opinions on the names themselves now.

    Aurelia (or Aurelie?)
    Lenora (would probably replace Eleni on my list, if I added it)
    Lillian/Lilia (would replace Liliana on my list...)

    For frame of reference, Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Rachel, Liliana, Charlotte, Eleni, Hannah, Eva, Catherine, Emmeline, and Tess are the names on my list at the moment.

    If you feel like you have any other ideas you're just dying to share, I won't stop you. I'm still open to suggestions.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    Audrey- I don't like the "odd" sound at the beginning, but what about Aubrey?
    Aurelia (or Aurelie?)- Love Aurelia, don't care for Aurelie. Aurelia is ancient and lovely, while Aurelie has some teasing potential.
    Daphne- Very pretty! Not a fan of the name's similarity to the word daffy, though. What about Delphine or Fiona?
    Eliska- Beautiful, although it sounds like it could be confused with Alyssa.
    Lenora- This is tough... I love how Eleni manages to perfectly pull off the -i ending and exotic sound, but Lenora is so queenly!
    Lillian/Lilia- Oh, I love all three, but would probably choose Liliana. It's more distinctive than Lillian, and isn't as likely to be mistaken for it as Lilia.
    Sylvia- I love Sylvia, but love Sylvie even more.
    Wren- The magic of this name has worn off on me. It felt eccentric and homey, but now seems like just a sound.
    Zelia/Zelie- I LOVE these! I'd probably go with Zelia and maybe the nn Zelie later, if it feels right.

    Good luck!
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    Lillian is my favorite. Pretty, not too cutesy flower name. Nn's available. I love it.
    Audrey is becoming too popular for my liking, so I am steering away from it. It is classically gorgeous, and still is, but I prefer other Au names.
    Aurelia is very pretty but I really like Aurielle better. Just plain Aura is pretty enough to stand alone in my opinion.
    I love Eva. The other names I didn't mention are either not my style at all or they were ruined for me from popularity spikes.

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    Audrey - Elegant and timeless.
    Aurelia (or Aurelie?) - So gorgeous. I prefer Aurelia.
    Daphne - Although I'm very slowly warming up to this name, the Daf- sound just puts me off.
    Eliska - Pretty. I prefer the similar Mariska however.
    Lenora (would probably replace Eleni on my list, if I added it) - So pretty. I like Eleni, but I do prefer Lenora.
    Lillian/Lilia (would replace Liliana on my list...) - Lillian is gorgeous, I also like Liliana, but I'm not a fan of Lilia.
    Sylvia - Pretty, but I prefer Sylvie.
    Wren - I like this in the middle only.
    Zelia/Zelie - I want to like this name, but it sounds awkward to me.

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    Audrey - Pretty and timeless. I think of dainty ladies with bird bones.
    Aurelia (or Aurelie?) - Like Aurelia. Not crazy about Aurelie, would you consider Aurielle?
    Daphne - This has really grown on me. I love how gentle it sounds.
    Eliska - I prefer just Elise. Eliska sounds made up.
    Lenora - Keep Eleni! Eleni is so beautiful. Lenora I don't mind, but it isn't as exciting as Eleni.
    Lillian/Lilia - What aout Lilah? All the Lily names are so overused.
    Sylvia - I love Sylvia or Sylvie (or Silvia or Silvie)
    Wren - I'm not fond of this. As much as I like it written and love the birds, I hate it pronounced. I think of Ren & Stimpy.
    Zelia/Zelie - I like Zelia but not so much Zelie.
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