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    Audrey - I hate this name. Sorry. I like Audrey Hepburn but it's Sabrina she sold me as a name. Audrey has a drilling shrillness that slays me.
    Aurelia - Would much prefer Aurora, but it's okay.
    Daphne - Like, but I like other Greek 2-syllables-and-end-in-ee more.
    Eliska - Pretty, like.
    Lenora - The Edgar Allen Poe nerd in me wants Lenore instead.
    Lillian/Lilia - dooooo eeet! I love Lillian. Lillian is perfect.
    Sylvia - Not a fan, also feels very the next-Sophia to me.
    Wren - Like a lot.
    Zelia/Zelie - I love way too many Z names. Zelia is not my favourite but it's pretty awesome.

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    Audrey - love
    Aurelia (or Aurelie) - ok, but personally a little too girly for me.
    Daphne - like, makes me think of Switched at Birth though
    Eliska - not a fan.
    Lenora - like, I also really like Nora.
    Lillian/Lilia - I prefer Lillian . Classic!
    Sylvia - like, makes me think of a 70's song
    Wren - I know it's a big Nameberry love, but I just don't like it.
    Zelia/Zelie - not a fan.

    PS. I love the name Rachel . Hehe

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    I honestly like all of them but my favorites are Lenora and Sylvia ~ both are stunningly beautiful.
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    Audrey -This is ok, not really my style but I think Audrey along with Aubrey suits your style.
    Aurelia (or Aurelie?) -I prefer Aurelia. But I know quite a few girls named Aurelie, all in their 20s and reside in France. Aurelie doesn't really work in English speaking countries.
    Daphne -Never been a fan of this name. Delphine/Delphina are better alternatives.
    Eliska - Not a fan
    Lenora (would probably replace Eleni on my list, if I added it) -I prefer the spelling Leonora & Leonore.
    Lillian/Lilia (would replace Liliana on my list...) -Not a fan of Lilia. Lillian or Liliana are pretty names.
    Sylvia -On the fence with Sylvia/Silvia/Sylvie
    Wren -Not a fan
    Zelia/Zelie -Not a fan
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    Audrey-Not a pretty name for me.
    Aurelia (or Aurelie?)-I really like Aurelie.
    Daphne-Don’t like
    Eliska-This is pretty cool.
    Lenora-I don’t like this either
    Lillian/Lilia –Ok but so common I’m a bit bored of ‘lil’ names.
    Sylvia-Reminds me of my cabbage patch kid (Sylvia Roberta)…Not a pretty name for me. Though Sylvie is cute!
    Wren-This is cute. But I would not use it personally-and seems quite different to your usual taste.
    Zelia/Zelie-Nice. These names are very ‘spunky’!
    Other potential names based on your lists:
    Mireille, Athea, Elodie, Fayette,
    current favorite names:



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