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    Northern Ireland/England
    Adam - I don't mind it, but it's a little boring
    Andrew - see above
    Bennett - I'm not really a fan of surname names, but I kinda like this because it reminds me Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth Bennet
    Callum - I prefer the spelling Calum, but I'm not that fussed on it anyway
    Christopher - a bit like Adam and Andrew. I'd expect them to be about my age (20ish) as I know stacks
    Connor/Conor - with one N. I prefer it to Callum (I tend to pair these two off), but it's pretty common where I am so I cant get too excited about it
    Elliott - I adore Elliott. Yet again I prefer the single letter at the end - Elliot. I'm detecting a trend here with myself though, so maybe it's just me, lol
    Harrison - I think I would prefer just Harris, but I don't mind Harrison
    Hayden - I think Hayden is quite nice actually, though I am aware of the -Ayden epidemic in the US
    Henry - Love, love, love Henry. It's just completely wonderful
    Joel - a bit dated, but I do like it. Think I prefer Joseph though
    Joseph - see above
    Lewis/Louis - if you are pronouncing it loo-is then Lewis, if loo-ee then Louis. Louis pronounced loo-is always throws me
    Michael - I think I prefer the other more traditional sounding Bible names you have further up the list
    Toby - Toby is wonderful, I love it

    Agatha - ugh, no, sorry. It just sounds awful to me
    Augusta - again, apologies, but I've never been a fan of any of the August names
    Blythe - I do actually quite like this, it sounds so very sweet
    Cecilia - Cecilia is beautiful. It would be on my list if it weren't for the fact that I like Cecily more
    Clementine - I love Clementine, it's also a very beautiful name
    Delphine - not a fan, sorry
    Eleanor - I do love Eleanor, it's on my list as a potential middle. I would probably spell it Elinor myself, but only for the Sense and Sensibility connection
    Florence - Florence is also very wonderful. I have both it and Flora on my list, because whilst I think I prefer Florence, it's pretty popular in the UK. I absolutely adore the nn Florrie
    Iris - I find a lot of flower names a bit OTT and I love that Iris is so simple and elegant
    Margaret - not a personal favourite, but I like it nonetheless. Maggie as a nn is very sweet
    Martha - oh, I do like Martha. It's quite understated, but beautiful too/
    Millicent - can't stand it, sorry
    Morwenna - I really like this, I think it's very beautiful
    Ottilie - I imagine this would be on my list too, if it weren't too close to Ophelia. It's very lovely
    Rosamond - ah, sweet Rosamond. I do prefer the Rosamund spelling, but it's on my list and very very high. As in, about second or third. I just really really love it

    And the Honourable Mentions list:
    Ophelia - also very very high on my own list and also very usable in my opinion due to its similarities to the very popular Olivia and Sophia
    Sophia - I don't mind Sophia, but I do prefer Sophie
    Charlotte - a very lovely elegant name. I love Lottie as a nn for it
    Olive - I used to think this was solely an old woman's name, but it popular on here and I've grown to like it. I think it's also a 'sweet' name

    Mason - not really my style
    Jack - doesn't excite me particularly, but you can't really go wrong with it
    Landon - nms
    Lawson -also nms, but I like that it actually has meaning to you. Maybe you could use it as a middle?
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    Gorgeous list!! My favorites from your boy list are Bennett, Elliot, and Toby. All adorable and handsome. From your girls list I love Iris, Cecilia, Charlotte, and Eleanor!
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    I do think they are occasionally reasons to be blatant when someone mentions a really awful name. That being said I think none of your names are that bad.
    I really love from the boys list:
    Christopher (my BFF's name)
    Lawson Do you know Anastasiaruby on youtube? Her husband's middle name is Lawson. I recommend her youtube channel.
    I like/find ok:
    Lewis (prefer other spelling)
    Toby (prefer as nickname)
    Jack (keep in mind can be used as nickname for Jackson Jaxon or John and is very popular)
    Landon A Walk to Remember

    I dislike:
    Hayden (Most of the Haydens I know are girls and this style might seem dated by the time you have kids)
    Adam (bad associations; still usable)
    Mason (too popular and not classic enough for me)
    Conor (prefer the other spelling)

    I really love from the girls names:
    Agatha (I wouldn't use I think, but Christie is one of my favorite writers)
    Blythe (love this, would use, and Gilbert)

    I like:

    I dislike:

    Good luck!
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    I'll do my best to be tactful, but honest


    Adam: I've heard people say this is dated, but to me I feel like it's an underused classic
    Andrew: classic and handsome, though maybe a little unimaginative
    Bennett: handsome, though getting more popular
    Callum: cute, sounds on trend but it barely registers on the popularity chart
    Christopher: see Andrew
    Connor/Conor: popular but doesn't feel overused or trendy
    Elliott Handsome, classic name that's right on trend
    Harrison: unexpected but not unusual, great name
    Hayden: very trendy, but I love this name, I love it's connection with the composer even though it's not pronounced the same
    Henry: A great classic name.
    Joel: a great name. More popular than you would think, but very handsome
    Joseph: love this name
    Lewis/Louis: One of my top names. Classic, handsome and underused
    Michael: see Andrew
    Toby: good name. Makes me think of a dog though, not sure why


    Agatha: awesome name, and love the nn Aggie
    Augusta: beautiful name
    Blythe: I love this name in theory, but I can't help think of it as someone saying Bliss with a lisp.
    Cecilia: beautiful name, not quite my style it's a little 's' heavy
    Clementine: Love, cute, familiar but not overused
    Delphine: lovely, easy to pronounce and unexpected
    Eleanor: beautiful, classic
    Florence: gorgeous and romantic
    Iris: Again beautiful and romantic
    Margaret: classic, has some great nickname options, though not my favorite.
    Martha: underused, unexpected, but I don't like the sound
    Millicent: never been one of my favorites, makes me think of malefiicent from sleeping beauty
    Morwenna: again not my favorite, feel like it lacks something, and I could see little kids struggling to pronounce this
    Ottilie: Lovely, little quirky, but still elegant
    Rosamond: Romantic, and love it with the 'o' rather than the 'u'

    And the Honourable Mentions list;

    Ophelia: lovely name, the associations are too tragic though
    Sophia: beautiful, though extremely popular
    Charlotte: again pretty popular, though one of my favorites
    Olive: cute, quirky and has a softer sound

    Mason: cute, but too trendy for me
    Jack: popular but I love this one
    Landon: cute, but not my style
    Lawson: see above
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    Aawww, you are one of the sweetest girls Ive 'met'(?) online in a long time; you should def. use Lawson in some way, what a lovely back-story bub
    Because it is 1:40am in Australia, and I've onlly just gotten home from work, I will only mention the 5 for each gender that I really really like, and mention one or two that cld be scratched, if you so choose, I hope that's ok? xx

    Micheal ( both of these are names within the family; old and much used, but strong enough to withstand the popularity of less sturdy names that tend to come and go. In 40 years time, I dare say there will be a decent number of Micheals and Adams, and it's not neccesarily a bad thing!)
    Andrew (classic in this day and age; I wld prob. use Drew whilst using the formal on paperwork)

    You have some very classic names on this list that even I am suprised I've chosen over more recent faves, such as Callum...

    Millicent ( Ive always loved this same)
    Eleanor (regal and elegant to me)
    Florence ( grew on me muchly since Florence & The Machine made an appearence)
    Augusta ( again, grew on me, but one I may not like in 6 months time :S)
    Clementine ( grew on me since Jamie Oliver likes to use clementines in many on his dishes...clementine this, clementine that )


    I think it may be the heavy stress on the first syllable in both of these names that doesn't appeal to me for some reason ( AGG-a- thA.. MARR-thA)

    Really honey, you have good taste; family feel like they can be the most honest with you, but they never really intend to hurt your feelings. I remember when I was 12, I told my Mum that I wanted to call my first-born daughter Blayze Elaine. She said it sounded like the name of a horse....... :S

    Good going so far, and looking forward to seeing your final list! x

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