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    Here are the ones i like. the bold ones are my favorite.

    Lewis/Louis- I prefer the Lewis pronunciation to loo-ee.
    Toby- prefer it as a nn for Tobias or Tobin



    Morwenna- more of a GP
    Rosamond- prefer Rosamund i also like Rosaline or Rosemary or Rosemarie

    And the Honourable Mentions list;


    Lawson- a GP of mine

    Your other ones are not bad, but not my style.
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    Wow! You have some really great names on your lists. I am going to give you my Top 5 from each gender and then tell you which honorable mentions I really adore.

    1. Callum - I think this name is handsome and masculine sounding. How do you plan on pronouncing it? Many people have told me it's Cay-lum, but I have been told that it's also pronounced Call-um, which I prefer.
    2. Joseph - I know this name is popular, not trendy, but popular. I can't help but love the classic-ness of it. Plus Joey is a pretty cool nickname.
    3. Connor - This name just seems so happy to me, every Connor I have ever known has been a real sweetheart.
    4. Joel - This not as often used Biblical name is great. I think it's easy to say, easy to spell and has something special about it.
    5. Adam - Classic and handsome.

    Honorable Mention Names - I really love - Jack and Lawson. Jack is cute for a little boy, a young man, or a Grandpa; it really ages well. Lawson is handsome sounding and different. While it is familiar, it isn't necessarily widely used.

    1. Iris - This is currently in my top list as well. Iris, it just says a certain special something about it. Reminds me of springtime. Plus the meaning is rainbow, so I think of colors and happiness.
    2. Margaret - This name has been growing on me more and more lately. It must be the charm of a classic, tried and true name. I also love the nn option of Maggie!
    3. Cecilia - While the meaning of this name, "blind", isn't the best meaning, this name is truly stunning. Cecilia, I think classic elegance.
    4. Eleanor - Love Eleanor! Unfortunately my DH vetoed it, but it is beautiful and has nn potential if you want your child to have a nn.
    5. Rosamond - I really like Rosamond, it's a beautiful Rose name, I slightly prefer Rosalind, but I think Rosamond is a classic name that is vastly underused.

    Honorable Mention Girl Name - I have always found Ophelia to be a beautiful name.

    Hope this helps!

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    I love Callum, Bennett and Lawson! For your girls I like Olive and Cecilia. Everything else is still very usable though!
    Girls: Genevieve / Eden / Cecelia / Caroline / Romy / Tess / Beatrice / Nina / Lana / Iris / Lorelai / Georgia / Thea / Phoebe/ Matilda / Aurora / Autumn / Blake

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    Husband approved: Hazel / Genevieve / Eden / Tucker

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    Adam: It's not a bad name, but it's one of those names that doesn't really stand out like some of the others you listed.
    Andrew: I had a bad connection, but it's a nice name.
    Bennett: I really like this name; I'd like to meet a Bennett.
    Callum: I like this.
    Christopher: I prefer this as a MN.
    Connor/Conor: I've never seemed to like this name. I knew about 5 in my grade.
    Elliott: I love this name.
    Harrison: This has cute NN options.
    Hayden: I know this is a unisex name, but I feel it's more feminine.
    Henry: I adore this name.
    Joel: I think this is a cute name.
    Joseph: I prefer it in the MN slot.
    Lewis/Louis: I like this name, whether it's the lou-is or lou-e pronunciation.
    Michael: I like it.
    Toby: There is something so adorable about this name. I really like it.

    Agatha: I feel this name is dated, but if it was to honor someone, it'd be better in the MN spot.
    Augusta: One feminization that I'm not a fan of. There's just something off about it.
    Blythe: Cute MN option.
    Cecilia: I prefer the Cecelia spelling. Lovely name though.
    Clementine: I like this as a MN.
    Delphine: Not really a fan of this, it's just too out there.
    Eleanor: Love this name.
    Florence: Lovely name.
    Iris: Lovely choice for a MN.
    Margaret: Lovely name with great NN options.
    Martha: I feel this is outdated.
    Millicent: I really like this.
    Morwenna: This is a tad out there for my taste.
    Ottilie: When I say this name, it sounds weird. It's interesting, but a little bit out there.
    Rosamond: I like this, but more as a MN than a FN.

    And the Honourable Mentions list;

    Ophelia: It's okay, not really one of my favorites.
    Sophia: A bit too popular for my taste, but I really like it.
    Charlotte: I've fallen out of love with this name, I still like it, but not like I used to.
    Olive: I always thought this name was cute.

    Mason: I'm kind of indifferent because it seems too popular, but I like it.
    Jack: Adorable on any age.
    Landon: First thought is of A Walk to Remember. It's an okay name.
    Lawson: This is one surname name that I can't see being a legitimate name. It's not bad though.

    Current Favorites
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    Eliza - Eve - Johanna - Lana - Matilda - Zanna

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    These are the ones I like.
    Good balance between too basic/common/normal & too weird/rare/unfamiliar


    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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