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Thread: Your opinion.

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    Red face Your opinion.

    If you were to meet a young female with each of these names in real life, what would your opinion of the name be? You can be as honest as you'd like (but not rude please). ^_^

    Sora (Japanese word for "sky". Pretty popular as a name in Japan for both genders (but mostly boys *I think*))

    *You can also give your top 5 if you'd like. Thanks in advance for any replies!
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    The only one I like is Serena.

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    I love Elowen and Ceridwen. Have a good friend called Ceridwen (Ceri).

    Some of the others like Fawn and Maple and River are pretty words- maybe just not as names. Although River on a boy seems nice.

    Serena seems dated to me, and Sora sounds like Sore-a to me in English not as pretty.

    Pandora and Fleur and Nova are pretty too- but the person wearing them will need to be used to correcting people and explaining the names.
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    *Augusten Wolf/ Magnus Jude/August Jasper/Jude/Cyrus Jude/Lev*

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    Ceridwen - Not much of a fan of Ceridwen. It's a little clunky for my taste.
    Elowen -I like this much better! Very pretty!
    Fawn - It's too dainty in my opinon. Like if the girl was very fair haired and soft spoken, it might be mice, but what if she's a wild child?
    Fleur - This is one of those names I've never understood. The way I'm inclined to pronounce it sounds like floor
    Maple - I really like Maple, so fresh and spunky!
    Nova - Cute! If she's really fast she could be Supernova as a nickname, lol.
    Pandora - I wish it had a better myth. But I love the nickname Panda, and the name itself is very pretty. I'd be excited to meet one.
    River - This is one nature name I prefer on a boy, though it would be neat on an adventurous little girl.
    Serena - too common.
    Sora - How cute! So simple yet sophisticated and traditional as well.

    My top 5: Elowen, Maple, Nova, Pandora, and Sora

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    Ceridwen - Lovely and refreshing. I wonder if her family's Welsh?
    Elowen - Love the sound and the meaning.
    Fawn - Pretty, but a little childish.
    Fleur - Pretty, but not something I would think of as first name material.
    Maple - See above
    Nova - I like it, even though it reminds me of "Where the Heart Is".
    Pandora - So pretty! I would probably squeal if I met one in real life.
    River - I like it better for a boy.
    Serena - I like it, but not a favorite.
    Sora - Strange, if she/he is not Japanese, or at least part.

    My top five would be:

    Margot, Adele, Jane & Arthur, Felix, Simon

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