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    I've given my thoughts on Franklyn (which were "please don't do that to a kid") on the other thread.

    Franqueline looks like it should be pronounced Frank-a-line. All i think of is Frankenstein.

    If the nn Frankie is what you're after, you should know that you can get that nn regardless of her real name. My mom's nickname as a child was always "Frankie" and her name is nowhere near Frankie. Similarly, my family calls my youngest niece Scoob or Scooby on a regular basis, and it if nothing like her actual name. I grew up with a girl who went by Fuzzy until she was in her early 20s, and her family still calls her that. Her real name is Rachel.

    If Frankie is what you want, you can name her anything and call her Frankie. She call be Elizabeth nn Frankie, or Adelaide nn Frankie, or Bellamy nn Frankie. It genuinely doesn't matter where nns come from, they don't have to be obviously from the first name.
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    No... just no.
    Frances, Francesca, or even Fran if you must...
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    I totally love feminizations. My name is a feminization and I've always loved it and felt special having a male to female name. I actually think Franqueline is very unique and very cool sounding. I love the transition of the "K" sound by the "qu", it makes it a bit more feminine. I even like Franquelyn or Franquelynn, very cute. I say go for it, especially if you love it..... you will be able to make your daughter feel even more special for having it.

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    This is interesting. I actually can't decide if I like it or not. I am a sucker for Jacqueline et al. which is what this reminds me of so I think it could grow on me. The nn Frankie is very cute. It's your child so if you love it then go with it!
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    It is perfectly acceptable for a girl! But I would definitely prefer Franklin or Franklyn....not Franqueline!

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