View Poll Results: Please tell me what you think of baby girl Franklyn Adele/Franqueline Adele

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  • Love it, very unique

    5 8.47%
  • Interesting but NMS

    10 16.95%
  • No, this is not for a girl...

    44 74.58%
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    Franklyn/Franqueline MN Adele Like it, interesteing, or NO!

    I have posted about this name before, but looking for some people to fill out a poll on this. I am still very much on the fence with this one. We do have other names too, but for some reason we keep coming back to this....
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    I love Franqueline Adele! I think if you spell it Franqueline it's much more feminine.
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    I sincerely hope this is a joke.

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    Its a no from me.

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    Franklyn is ok as unisex names go, Franklyn Adele has a nice flow. But Franqueline seems really strange and made up to me. Is it a real name or a smoosh of Frances and Jacqueline? I think stick with Franklyn or Francesca/Francine/Frances.
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