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    Love Serena and Sadie... I am not sure why people stray from Serena just b/c of the tennis star... I have a 1 yo little girl named Serena, and no one has ever referenced the tennis star (and I don't think that is a terrible association, she is quite the athlete, I have never been a tennis fan, but now, I find myself rooting for her ), though people have confused her name with Sabrina or Selena (So I have done quite a bit of correcting, but once they get it, they get it).. Serena (that spelling) is a very old, elegant name (It was my great, great grandmother's name) so, I am a tad bit bias

    Sadie is precious.. I think it will age fine, and again, it is one of those old, timeless names! I can see a baby Sadie or a grandma Sadie.

    Siena- I am just not a fan of at all. sorry.
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    I actually thought Sarina was Sabrina when I read it way too quickly.. What do you think of Sabrina?

    My choice from your list would be Sadie

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    Sarina is related to Sarita, which I really love.

    Sarina is also a name in its own right, not just a spelling of Serena. I prefer Sarina to Serena, but Sarita to either.

    I don't like Sadie except as a nickname. I like Sienna but not with a colour surname. I like PP's suggestion of Sabrina a lot, and also Selena. I'm not sure how I can like Sabrina and Selena but hate Serena, but there we go.

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    Sadie is adorable, and would be my top pick. I also love Serena, but only spelt this way.

    Sienna always seems a little bit tacky-trendy to me, I'm not sure why.

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