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    Smile Need opinions on baby boy #2's name ... 2wks to go! Hugo or Jasper?

    Hello Nameberries!

    I've been lurking on the site forever, but have only started to post on the forums now. I am in need of your help ..... we are due to have baby boy #2 in two weeks, but we haven't decided on a name yet!

    Currently the frontrunners are Hugo and Jasper. DH likes Jasper, but I'm still not too convinced about the name. Our surname starts with PER, and rhymes with Sheridan. So my concern with Jasper is that it's going to run into our surname (JasPER PERxxxx).
    Yes there's going to be a middle name, but really, how often do you use your full name? So it's mostly going to be just the first name and surname ... and I think it might be a pain for DS#2 when he needs to state & spell his name!

    The middle name that we are currently thinking to use is Francis. So it'll be either Hugo Francis, or Jasper Francis. Other first names that we were thinking about are Rupert and Bennett, but right now Jasper and Hugo are the ones that we are currently really liking.

    FYI DS#1 is Maxwell Benedict ... which name works better with Maxwell?

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions! thank you so much in advance!

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    Well... I love Jasper and I don't care for Hugo. So even though your last name starts with Per- I still think I'll vote Jasper.

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    Hugo Francis

    Maxwell & Hugo sound great together!

    All the best for the coming weeks OP, and congratulations!

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    I like both but because of your surname I'd go with Hugo. But I don't think that using Jasper would create problems.

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    Hugo Francis! I love this! I don't mind Jasper, but to me, Hugo is the clear winner!
    Best of luck!

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