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Thread: Im at a loss...

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    Im at a loss...

    So I have two girl names I really love. The problem is I can't find any names to fit with them. It's frustrating because putting the first two names together seemed so easy.
    The names are:
    Pencey Rae
    Phoebe Selene

    The other names on my list are:
    Regina Joyce (honors grandpa/grandma)
    Jane Olivia
    Miranda Haidee (shakespeare, lord byron)
    Vanessa Annabella (type of butterfly)
    Ruby Geneva
    Madeline Rose (Ludwig Bemelmans)

    Some more names I like but can't find middles for:
    Miriam, Zipporah, Helen, Grace, Gemma, Marcella, Daphne, Elsa, Edith, Nadia, and Diana

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. these aren't being used on real kids...yet.
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