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    I have a really mixed up style for boys names. I like classic, sophisticated and uncommon. At the moment my favourites are Stellan, Caleb, Ronan, Jasper and Flynn.

    What boys name do you think should be used less?
    Anything that doesn't have the original spelling such as Deklyn.

    What boys name would you love to see used more often?
    Any of my favourites.

    What celebrities naming style do you love most?
    Oliver Hudson and Lily Allen.

    Do you tend to lean towards boy names that visually pleasing, sound attractive, or both?
    I would say both.

    How do your boy names compare to your girl names: Are they the same stylistically?
    I don't really think I'm that adventurous with my girls names as I am with the boys. Most of the girls names on my list are classic but a little uncommon and girly.

    What are your favorite unusual/uncommon boy names?
    I really love Bodhi!

    Do you have boy names that you love, but don't have the guts to use? Why?
    As first names, August, Bodhi, Axel, Keats, Forrest, Orlando, Viggo because they are a little out there for me.

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