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    Question Name Pronunciation-Mardou

    I am just pregnant with #3 and DH and I are starting to get serious about names for this little one.

    We have had the name Mardou chosen as our girl name since we read The Subterraneans way back in college where we met. We both love it, but I am really stuck on being sure of the pronunciation.

    Does anyone know if it is Mar-doo or Mar-dough?

    I would be so excited for anyone who is able to answer this for me!!

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    I haven't read "The Subterraneans", but Mardou looks French so I'd say "mar-doo". An "ou" sound rarely makes an "ough" sound in English or any other language I can think of. Is there a movie/TV series you can refer to to hear how they pronounce the character's name?
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    I would say Mar-doo too.
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