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    Opinions needed: Neve, Amelie or Marin

    I need your opinions on which is most lovely:

    Neve (NEHV)
    Marin (mah-RIN)

    I am leaning towards Marin or Neve. They are my type of name, but I am a little frightened to take the plunge as they are a bit different. I love the name Marin, but worry it is masculine sounding or looking? I also like Linnea, but we have an "L" named daughter already. Amelie is lovely, on a girl, but would it work for a 50 year old?

    Please tell me which of these you find loveliest:


    I am looking for unusual but not weird, pretty and feminine but still strong. Our last name is short and sharp.

    Thoughts? I need feedback! Thank you!
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    courtneylarking Guest
    I totally love all of these names! Marin is one my husband and I considered, but we decided it was setting our future daughter up for too much angst over correcting pronunciation mistakes. I don't think it's too masculine at all. Neve with a "short, sharp" last name is maybe too terse? But hard to tell without knowing it exactly. Amelie and Linnea are both very lyrical and could be nice contrasts. Linnea is probably my favorite but I understand the fear of doing two Ls - we faced the same issue

    Good luck!

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    fiammetta Guest
    I find Niamh the most lovely.

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    any other recommendations or advice?

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    I've really come to love Neve. It's gorgeous sounding and looks just as beautiful in my opinion. Not a fan of Marin or Linnea, and whenever I see Amelie, I always say Amy-Lee or Emily. So my vote goes to Neve.
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