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    Just thought I would suggest Adelia, which is my own favourite variation of Adele.
    Adela is also very nice, and pairs nicely with both middle names as pp's have said!

    I also love Hazel and Rose from your list with Otto.
    Rose doesn't sound as amazing with your ln, what about Rosa?
    Rosa Jean Marie would be lovely with Otto Warren.

    Good luck!
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    While I don't have any naming suggestions, I do want to say that I don't think it's necessary for you to include her name when naming this daughter. It's perfectly fine to just have Marie as a middle name, and potentially honor your mother-in-law with a future daughter, should you have one.

    Just my two cents! I do like all of the names listed, good luck, and I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful (:

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    I love Otto with Adela Marie or Ella Marie. I don't think you need to use your MIL name unless you really want to. I wouldn't want the pressure of honoring my mom AND MIL in one name.

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    I LOVE Rosemarie Jeanne! Gorgeous.
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    fiammetta Guest
    I don't think that it's your responsibility at all to honour your MIL - use Jeanne if you want to and if you like the name.

    My favourites with Otto Warren...
    Adela Marie
    Amelia Marie - Personally, I would prefer Amelia Jeanne as I find the m- sounds run together.
    Hazel Marie
    Rose Marie
    Rosalie Marie - Though, in my personal opinion, Rosalie and Marie are too similar in sound to be in the same combination.

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