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    Having boy & girl twins...need serious girl name help!!

    Ladies, my babies are expected in approximately 4-5 weeks and I need some serious help! Our little boy will be called Otto Warren after my FIL and father. Our surname is Geist. Here are the names I'm considering for our little girl:

    Rose, Rosalie, Rosella, Rosemarie

    I want to use the middle name Marie after my mother, but then I'm leaving MIL out, her middle name is Jeanne, so the only combo I can think of that uses both is Rosemarie Jeanne...that might be a bit long and fancy sounding?

    I need to find a name I LOVE that sounds good with Otto.

    I appreciate any help and suggestions you can give me!!!!!
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    How about Otto Warren and Adela Jeanne Marie?? I love Otto & Adela together
    Alice, Cecilia, Cora, Eve, Georgia, Iris, Johanna, Phoebe, Rose, Sylvie, Tess, Violet
    Calvin, Dexter, Felix, Graham, Hugo, Leo, Louis, Miles, Oscar, Paul, Simon, Walter

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    Jeanne-Marie and Marie-Jeanne are frequently hyphenated among my French-Canadian ancestors. I love the suggestion of Adela Jeanne-Marie.

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    I love Otto Warren!
    Adela and Adelaide both go nicely with Otto.
    I also like Rose, Rosalie and Rosemarie.
    Faith is a not as spunky as Otto. Amelia is pretty, but popular. Hazel is rising fast and not my style.
    I like Rosemarie Jeanne.
    I also like Adela Jeanne Marie. Marie is pretty but overused in the middle position.
    I also like Marie Adela Jeanne.
    Good Luck! Your choices are beautiful.

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    Thanks ladies . I really don't have to use both Marie and Jeanne, i am really just trying to please everyone! in fact, I'm sort of nervous about two middle names and any complications that would come along with that. Also, my ancestry isn't French, it's German, not that it matters, but Rosemarie Jeanne sounds pretty French.

    Does it seem rude to not include my MIL name? Her husband and her surname are represented, and she had 2 daughters that didn't name any children after is it my responsibility?

    Keep the suggestions coming!

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