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    I love Amelia Marie and Rose Marie. Stellar options, and I love the spunky and classic use of Rose in the first-name spot. Good luck!

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    How about using Marianne in the middle to combine Marie and Jeanne? Otto and:
    Adele Marianne
    Alice Marianne
    Emma Marianne
    Matilda Marianne
    Louisa Marianne
    Ada Marianne
    Willa Marianne
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    I like Hazel and Rosalie best. Hazel Jeanne Marie would be really cute. It would be hard to honor 3 of the grandparents in a set of twins, and leave 1 out. I would feel so bad.

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    Amelia Marie-Jeanne
    Amelia Jeanne-Marie

    Amelia & Otto sound lovely

    COngratulations btw!

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    I love Jane so much, I would honour a Jeanne with Jane, I think.

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