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    If you want to include both names, two middle names is really no problem. I have two and they're only on my passport I don't use them when I sign something nor do people know me by my full name (unless they ask). And my parents didn't even honor anybody, they just picked names they liked and wanted in my name. Nobody complained.
    Does part of your family live in Germany? Because then I'd consider a name that works in both languages if not then that's no problem.
    Now you names:
    Adela - I like it, it can be used internationally and sound great with Otto
    Adelyn - I don't like the lyn ending. The y makes it too modern looking which doesn't really go with vintage Otto.
    Adelaide - would go with Otto but I don't think it's perfect.
    Ella - is cute but Ella and Otto, idk.
    Faith - if you have any non English family I wouldn't use that. It will get butchered because the th sound is hard for non English speakers.
    Hazel - I don't like it but it works.
    Rose, etc. - if you decide to honor both mothers I really like the sound of Rosalie Jeanne Marie. Rosalie works internationally and to me doesn't scream French. With Rose and Rosemarie you'll get different pronunciations, because in many countries the e isn't silent. But if all your family is English that's not a concern.

    With Otto I like Adela and Rosalie best. Vintage, unpopular but cute
    Good luck

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    Rosemarie Jeanne can be shortened to Rose or Rosie, and I quite like Rosie and Otto.
    That being said, I don't think it's up to you to name your child after her.
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    I feel your MIL shares her surname with your kids so you shouldn't feel pressured to use Jeanne.
    If you wanted to though Mary-Jean as a middle would nod to both Marie and Jeanne.
    Another vote for Adela or Adelia with Otto. It's a perfect match for me.

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    I would feel that if my son was named after my father and FIL and my daughter had my mother's middle that I needed to include my MIL somehow in the girl's name. That's the trouble I've found with using honor names. It highlights whose name wasn't passed on. One other way to honor your MIL would be to use your MIL's maiden name or her mother's name.
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    You aren't obligating to name your daughter after your MIL. If you don't love any of the honor options, there are certainly other ways to honor your MIL without naming a child after her. That said, since your son will be named after both grandfathers and your daughter will have Marie after your mom, it is maybe a little too obvious that your MIL was left out. Honestly, if I was your MIL, I might feel a little hurt that I was the only grandparent who didn't get honored.

    Is her maiden name usable? Perhaps you could use it as a middle name. I love the idea of Adelaide or Adele - not Adela - with Otto. What about Rosemary instead of Rosemarie? Rosemary Jeanne? You could always tweak the names a little bit. Adelaide Jean-Marie? Adele/Adela Jean-Marie?

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