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    Name the Babies, G4, R4 (wanderlux)

    Family #1: Hunt
    Ruby and Micah met travelling at a young age. They had a daughter, Adelaide (10), and then twins, Catalina and Charlie (7) and then a son, King (5). For their last child, a little sister for the kids, they want her first name to be a city name, like Adelaide, Catalina, Charlie and King. Her middle name should be after Micah's best friend, Max Braden.

    DW: Ruby Serena (35)
    DH: Micah Richard (36)

    DD: Adelaide Louise (savbav) (10)
    DD/DS: Catalina Serene & Charleston Michael "Charlie" (angeline) (7)
    DS: Kingston Alder (angeline) (5)

    Family #2: Espinoza
    Scout and Henry trained together as firefighters and have three sons, Finn (8), Brooks (6) and George (3). They're expecting again, this time three babies! Two boys and a girl. They want the triplets' first names to be element names, like Finn, Brooks and Adam. Their middle names should be after iconic Hollywood pets.

    DW: Scout Henrietta (34)
    DH: Henry Liam (38)

    DS: Fintan Henry (bb) (8)
    DS: Brooks David (essjay) (6)
    DS: Adam Stephen (essjay) (3)

    Family #3: Ellis
    Athletes Lucy and Owen met in high school. They grew up and had twins, Serena and Sebastian (13), a son, Will (12) and triplets, Ruthie, Lou and Lara (10). They didn't expect to have more children, but now Lucy's pregnant with a baby boy. He should be named after either Lucy or Owen. His middle name should come from the following choices: Adolph Beck Christian Emery Harper Jace James Jasper Joseph Luke Nico Rocco Roman

    DW: Lucy Emerald (37)
    DH: Owen David (37)

    DD/DS: Serena Basia & Sebastian Nate (angeline) (13)
    DS: Will Owen (misshoppy) (12)
    DD/DS/DD: Ruth Penelope/Louis Rowan/Lara Clementine (bb) (10)

    Family #4: Haire
    Imogen and Reed met at a coffee shop. Sixteen years later, they have a daughter, Cass (10), a son, Charlie (6) and a little girl, Coraline (3). They're expecting one last baby girl. They want her name to also start with a C, and for her middle name to fit in with her siblings' middle names.

    DW: Imogen Marie (36)
    DH: Reed Hudson (36)

    DD: Cassia Peach (essjay) (10)
    DS: Charlie Graham (heyarnold924) (6)
    DD: Coraline Reed (minisia) (3)

    Family #5: Collins
    Aria and Ronan grew up together from a young age because their parents were close friends. Then they had a little girl. Her name is Nora (8). They also have two sons, Ted (7) and Alex (6). They were happy with three, but are thrilled to be expecting another baby girl. She should be named after Aria's childhood best friends, Francis and Susan.

    DW: Aria Lavender (30)
    DH: Ronan Timothy (30)

    DD: Nora Sage (shanade213) (8)
    DS: Theodore Caspian (savbav) (7)
    DS: Alexander Derek (shanade213 & bb) (6)

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