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    What about Bennett Charles? Very similar to Beckett, but I think it's softer-sounding, which might appeal to your husband. "Ben" is a bit overused as a nickname because of Benjamin, but still incredibly cute.

    Or other -ett names? Emmett, Everett, Garrett, Rhett?

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    Unhappy Thank you ~

    Thank you again to all of those that responded and provided insight and suggestions to help us make a decision. We named our son Beckett Charles. If we have another boy, I'm pretty sure he'll be Liam :-) I still don't feel 100% settled about the decision, but in my post-partum and often emotional state, I'm not sure if it's normal to feel so indecisive or not. My recommendation to others is don't wait to make such an important decision or at least decide while in the hospital. My husband and I are still flip-floping back and forth and he keeps asking me if I want to change his name. It also feels strange to have family members call him Beckett, but I think calling him any name might feel strange at first. I don't really know at this point. Does anyone out there have experience with this? He's such a sweet little baby boy and I feel so blessed to have him that it feels like a huge responsibility to name him right! I was thinking today that when I was pregnant I narrowed it down to two names: Declan or Beckett. He didn't look like Declan to me when he was born, so I just thought Beckett. Then my husband threw in Liam and it threw me for a loop! Anyway, any comments from those that have experienced such a crazy roller coaster would be super helpful! Thank you!!

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    Name-regret is a real thing, Grace2013, but it doesn't sound like you're in the throes of it. Even though I love my daughter's name, I still sometimes think, "Oh, that middle name would have been darling instead." It's perfectly natural to give a second thought to such an important choice you're making, especially because it's for someone else.

    Give yourself credit for just having delivered your son, experiencing massive hormonal changes, and having to make a life-long decision. Not little!

    You named your son already, but, for what it's worth, I was about to post that I like Beckett better than Liam.

    Congratulations on your son, who will go through life with an awesome name!

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    Congratulations! Beckett Charles is so handsome!!

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    Now I know the other names... Beckett seems a natural match.
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