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    Help, Help, Help...Baby Boy is almost 3 days old and no name!

    We can't decide between Beckett Charles or Liam Charles. Thoughts? Our little guy really needs a name!

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    I like them both and while I love the way Liam sounds, I think you'll have better originality with Beckett if that's what you like. What does he look like to you?

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    I like Beckett Charles.
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    These are both great names. If it were me, I would go with whichever one "feels" right. ... Though I'm guessing since you're posting here, neither one does. In which case, what about Charles Beckett or Charles Liam? Sometimes you just need to try to step back from the stress of the situation to think of what it might be that you're missing. Is there a name other than these that's in the back of your mind but you don't want to mention because it's so down to the wire and these are the names you've decided on? Go with your gut -- whatever that tells you, and be honest with your husband. If neither feels right, but another one does (even if you've never talked about it) -- suggest it. Maybe he thinks it's perfect. And if not, at least you brought it up and won't always wonder or regret it.

    Or maybe none of that is helpful. If you're just looking for a vote between the two ... I prefer Liam Charles, but my favorites of the combos is Charles Beckett. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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    I like Beckett Charles! i think Liam is overused

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