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    Quote Originally Posted by cristinamariane View Post
    Is Georgia a Twilight name?
    No, Georgia is not a Twilight name which I think makes the sibset much more usable IRL. I too have long loved several of the Twilight names! My brother's two middle names are actually Edward and Carlisle, which I think is pretty incredible.
    I adore both Esme and Alice, and I would use them together because they are just so perfect. And I believe that Twilight is nowhere near long-reaching enough that it will still be even thought of in 5 years' time.
    Best of luck!

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    I definitely think Esme and Alice can work together, I didn't even remember the Twilight connection until I questions why they wouldn't be usable as sisters.

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    Has anyone roughly the age of the current generation of young parents actually read Twilight!?!?! Other parents will never notice, and kids your kids' ages won't either, because Twilight will solidly be a thing of the past. Esme and Alice sound great together, and I never would have known about a Twilight connection. Only current/recent teenagers would notice.

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    I think they work together as they are both classic names. They are very pretty and I love it with Georgia.
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    Over the last few years I've inevitably seen the movies, but I read the the books for the hell of it. I can tell you I still didn't make the connection, and not many others my age (early thirties) do either. I think, esp in Australia, Emse at the very most would remind people of A Country Practice; a show that has been off the air for god knows how long.

    Alice & Esme are absolutely beautiful together
    Good luck OP

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