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    dramagrl19 Guest

    Call me crazy, but...

    ...I am developing a crush on the name Helen. The "Hell" syllable in the beginning always bothered me, but it isn't a big deal to me anymore. WDYT of the name?

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    Sep 2013
    It runs in my family so I'm biased. All the Helens in my family were such nice and strong women so I'm in love with the name!

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    Nov 2011
    I prefer Helena, pronounced Helen-uh, but I took it off my list cause of the pronunciation issues. Helen is lovely and I think with all of the little Helenas on the playground (even if many of them are Lee-nuhs and Lay-nuhs) the name will have more sweet associations. And of course there's the Troy reference. I think it's very usable and ahead of the curve at the moment.

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    I think Helena is gorgeous.
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    sunshine kid Guest
    Helen is lovely, although like valerie2 I'm sort of biased. My Nanna's name is Helen and she is a strong, independent, kind woman. So when I think of the name Helen, all those attributes fit nicely. And then there is the Troy reference and other great namesakes.

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