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    I love Helen! Not Helena, just Helen It is the most classic of classic names to me, plus I'm obsessed with the nickname Nell!
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    I love Helen!
    As some pp's above have said I think of a strong woman when I hear the name!
    All the Helen's I know are lovely, and it makes the name all the more appealing.
    I have always crushed on the sibset of Helen, Peter and Nora.
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    I find Helen dated but I do think it makes a lovely middle name with a more modern first name like Ava Helen.
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    I've always really, perversely (since it doesn't really fit my taste at all) loved the name Helen. Helena is even better, though.

    Helen, Helena and Elena all sound very classy to me.

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    I like it! We have a friend named Helen (in her late 20's) who loves her name. I love Helena too, but Helen is stronger. And some great namesakes, like the glamorous Helen of Troy.
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