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    Nicknames Preferences

    When I was a kid I had countless nicknames - Maddie, (not sure how to spell this) Madikin, Kenzie, Madison McKenzie. And those are just the ones that have something to do with my name. My family came up with tons of irrelevant cutsey nicknames. Now I'm usually just called Madison. My sister, who's still a kid, has tons of nicknames too- Kenna, Kenny, Ken Ken, Ken Ben, Kennalee, Kennebunkport(!).
    In your opinion, should kids have one nickname, just a couple, many, or none?
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    I think they can have as many affectionate nicknames as you want to give them, but probably just one nickname they would use outside the home. Like, my name is Kathryn and the only nickname I've ever really gone by/introduced myself as is Katy. I think it would be strange/confusing for others if I introduced myself as Katy or Kat or Kathy or Kate at random. A full name and one nickname is enough, I think. Not that a nickname can't change over time, but I think only one should be used at a time. My family have a number of nicknames for me, though, some of which have nothing to do with my real name. I would never introduce myself as Kath or Suzy or Katy-Sue or...Gertie. LOL!

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