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    Down to Earth Nicknames with More Unusual Full Names - Opinions Needed!!!

    I need help!
    I'm starting to get so frustrated with the baby name search!!!

    I'm getting closer to 'the name', but I don't have it yet and I'm running out of inspiration.
    Help me!

    My ODD is named Annika nicknamed Annie. I love the homey, down to earth nickname with the more unique/unusual (although traditional) full name.
    My DH and I are of Scandinavian, English, and German ancestry and would prefer a name that reflects that history, but it's not an absolute requirement.

    I love the nickname 'Katie' and have been kicking around the name of Katarina. And I like it - I really do! But it's not quite IT.
    Neither are Katrina or Katia.
    I've even been thinking about Sylvia Katharine nicknamed Katie and she will always have the option for Sylvie if there happen to be other Katie's in her class at school.
    (Note - for unrelated, but valid reasons I cannot use Katharine as a first name. Derivatives and Middles are totally viable though!)

    Again, I think I'm starting to just get a bit discouraged by the name search thing, and I need a pep talk and perhaps a fresh perspective = any ideas, my darling naming wizards?

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    Katie is sweet! Have you thought of Catalina? I knew a girl with this name, but she didn't use a nickname. Just wanted to throw it out there.
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    I absolutely love Annika, nicknamed Annie! You've given yourself a real challenge to get baby #2 just right.

    I really like Katarina. It matches Annika in style and is a really lovely name. But if it's not "the" name, it's not "the" name. What about Catriona? By the way, Sylvia Katharine is a great name as well- Annie and Sylvie is adorable!

    Here are some other ideas:
    Eleonora- It's a German name that comes with lots of nickname options: Ellie, Nell, Nora
    Lorelei- Also German. What about Lola or Rory?
    Matilda- German again. Tilly is a cute choice, and it matches well with Annie.
    Rosamond- German name as well. Rose or Rosie would both be a nice choice.
    Wilhelmina- One more German name. I think Willa and Mila are very sweet.
    Brigitta- A Scandinavian name with some spunk! Britta is a nickname idea.
    Karina- Scandinavian as well. It's a bit of a stretch, but I think you could use Katie as a nickname.
    Kirsten- Lovely Scandinavian name. Katie could work for this too, although Kirstie is another option.

    Good luck!
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