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    Magdalena nn Maggie or Meg comes to mind
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    Other European inspired names you may like...

    Mieke (mee-ka)
    Ida (ee-da)
    Laika (lai-ka)
    Elke (elk-ah)

    good luck! I know the feeling of being on the endless search of the perfect name...I envy those who can just pick one name and stick with it...I find I am always searching for something better.

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    Offhand Theodosia nn Thea comes to mind (Theodosia is more exotic and luxurious than Theodora).
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    Sylvia Katharine is lovely! I also live Annika. I think sisters named Annika "Annie" and Sylvia "Katie" or "Sylvia" would be lovely.

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    Do you want a name that reflects your heritage or one that also works in these languages? Because a th sound is pronounced like a t in most languages and Katharine would be Kah-tah-ree-ne in german.
    Katharina is way more popular here or even just Katrin (which you'll find more women than kids named this).
    I like seraares suggestions, even though you'd hardly find a little German girl named Elke nowadays.
    Ida would be fantastic with Annika.
    Mila also sounds (I don't know its heritage) very scandinavian but also German and English to me.
    Laika and Mieke are very Nordic names and in Germany only get used by parents who want that (scandinavian) sound.
    Sylvia would fit in with Annika, even though you'll find many more Annikas running around than Sylvies or Sylvias (Sylvie is used more on its own than as a nn).
    The question is: Do you want a name that people people in these countries would actually name their children or one that sound very scandinavian and German?
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