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    Harrison - thoughts?

    I currently have a work placement for college in a kindergarten class, and there's an adorable little boy named Harrison in my class. Because of his personality (literally, one of the nicest, most polite, loving little boys I've ever met), I've really fallen in love with this name. Besides that(and the Beatles connection), I love the popularity stats for it.

    Last year the name Harrison ranked;

    35th in England
    34th in Wales
    54th in Scotland
    181st in the USA

    Names that are common across the pond but aren't here are generally big faves for me, not sure why. Maybe I like the British way of naming children? LOL

    What do you think of the name Harrison? A combo I would use for it would be Harrison Mackenzie James.

    Any middle name suggestions would be great!

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    I love Harrison x 100000!!!!
    I think it's absolutely perfect!

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    I love it. I'd shorten it to Harry for daily use, but I like Harrison as an alternative to Harold (because I'm one of those who MUST have a full name). I think it also works in terms of being a "last name used as a first name".

    Definitely a winner in my book

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    I'm shocked Harrison is so low in the popularity stats in the US. I know several little Harrisons (around 1-3), so I suspect this name will be much more popular in the coming years. It is a great name, though; I just worry about it becoming "trendy."

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    I generally don't care for -son names, but I like Harrison. Maybe because one of our close friends has a little boy named Harrison? He's named after George Harrison and Harrison Ford. He goes by his full name, but I really like Harry as a nickname.
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