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    Thoughts on Callen or Tallen

    If we were to name our son Callen, how hard would it be to avoid him being called Cal? We like it, but we aren't so found of Cal.

    We also liked Tallen, but would people always automatically associate that with a bird's claw?

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    I'm sorry but I thought of talon too.

    I think if you always call him Callen, others will too. But there is always the possibility that he will like the nn Cal, or that schoolmates/friends will give him that nickname and it will stick.
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    I'm not crazy about either name. Tallen is just talon to me, which I find extremely odd as a name. Callen is only two syllables, so I don't think it would get shortened automatically, but if your son decides he likes Cal then that's out of your control. If you really don't like Cal I would move on to another name.

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    How about Curran?

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