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    Natural Ways to Conceive Multiples...

    Hi gals.

    My husband and I are not TTC at the moment. We will be almost 30 when we intend to try and we would like 3-4 kids. That being said, we have our hearts set on twins (2 babies for 1 pregnancy = score! Especially when you are "older").

    Has anybody on here tried some of the old wive's tales to conceive multiples & actually have them work?

    Just curious

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    No, but I do believe older women (30+) are more likely to conceive twins - not sure if this is a stat skewed by increased fertility treatments though.

    Also, they run in your family, but only through the mother (twins on daddy's side don't count).

    I've also heard taller women are more likely to conceive twins!

    Twins can have some increased health risks and pregnancy complications, as well, so that's something to consider.
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    Fraternal twins are definitely hereditary through your mother's mother - because it is based on how many eggs you drop when you ovulate. I have a fairly high probability of having fraternal twins because my mother's mother had FOUR SETS of fraternals. I think it is probably helpful if you have twins in your father's family as well but I don't know that much about genetics. Apparently some studies have shown that taking folic acid while trying to conceive will increase your chances of twins, and twins are also shown to be more common with taller or heavier women. I also read something about conceiving while breastfeeding being more likely to result in a twin pregnancy, but I assume that boils down to genetics again too (since many women won't conceive while nursing at all, and if you are actually ovulating at all while breastfeeding you probably have some seriously great babymaking genes).
    As far as trying to make sure you have identical twins, I don't think that is something you can safely assure without risking miscarriage. You can't force or encourage a fertalized egg to split.
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    Well, I'm tall (but very thin) and I'll be "older." My Mom was adopted though so I don't know if she has history of twins in her biological family.

    I guess I still have a few years to research....

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    Older moms tend to have stickier eggs so they're more likely to have fraternal twins. Some cultures that have a diet heavy in yams have had higher instances of twins. But I'm pretty sure that means that yams are a major food source, not like eat them once a week & you'll be likely to have twins. I don't know if any holistic herbs or anything like that could help you cause it's probably "better" to gestate one baby at a time so twins could be considered riskier & less appealing to many. But you could research that kind of thing, herbs and teas?

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