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    Red face Unisex/boyish names for girls?

    What do you guys think of the names Charlie, Loghan, and Oswin for a girl name? Middle or first, doesn't matter.
    First names:
    Aria ❀ Marietta Mona Susannah
    Arthur ◇ Elliot ◇ Emmet ◇Killian

    Middle names:
    Aurelia Clara ❀ Eleanor Greer ❀ Oswin ❀ Sibyl
    Darwin ◇Emrys ◇Frederick ◇Graham ◇ Jasper

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    Charlie definitely works for a girl however Loghan and Oswin are clearly boys names to me. I think there's a few boys names that work for girls but these don't sound even a bit feminine to ME, so I wouldn't use them for girls.
    However if you love them so much, I'd put them in the middle spot.


    Henrietta, Wilhelmina, Dorothy, Elizabeth
    Rosalind, Lavinia & Victor

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    Not a fan. There are so many strong, feminine names for girls that I feel are far better for a female.

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    I have Logan on my list too! I love it! "Logan Jade"...<3

    Some others I like are...

    Cody Elle
    Ryan Shea
    Avery Kaye
    Reese Carter
    Sawyer Blanche

    honestly...I wouldnt be too concerned about using a "boyish" name for a girl or vice versa....look back in history and see how many names that were originally meant for boys that are now commonly worn by girls. I do think, however, it is important to pair it with a feminine middle name.

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    I like Lohgan. Oswin is alright. Charlie I think of as a nn.

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