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    Red face Unisex/boyish names for girls?

    What do you guys think of the names Charlie, Loghan, and Oswin for a girl name? Middle or first, doesn't matter.
    First names:
    Aria ❀ Marietta Mona Susannah
    Arthur ◇ Elliot ◇ Emmet ◇Killian

    Middle names:
    Aurelia Clara ❀ Eleanor Greer ❀ Oswin ❀ Sibyl
    Darwin ◇Emrys ◇Frederick ◇Graham ◇ Jasper

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    Charlie definitely works for a girl however Loghan and Oswin are clearly boys names to me. I think there's a few boys names that work for girls but these don't sound even a bit feminine to ME, so I wouldn't use them for girls.
    However if you love them so much, I'd put them in the middle spot.

    Born in 1930

    Mary Pearline & Robert Ellis

    Bonnie Hortensia, Cora Beverly, Ella Marilyn, Libby Loretta, Lydia Jean
    Margie Roberta, Peggy Eleanor, Rose Patricia, Sally Josephine, Sylvia Francine, Willa Judith

    Jackie William, Max Gary, Thomas Grover, Freddie Julian, Jimmy Conrad, Bernie Oliver
    Ted Nathaniel, Huey Winford, Gilbert Myron, Louis Everett, Eddie Lionel

    old combos and lists

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    Not a fan. There are so many strong, feminine names for girls that I feel are far better for a female.

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    I have Logan on my list too! I love it! "Logan Jade"...<3

    Some others I like are...

    Cody Elle
    Ryan Shea
    Avery Kaye
    Reese Carter
    Sawyer Blanche

    honestly...I wouldnt be too concerned about using a "boyish" name for a girl or vice versa....look back in history and see how many names that were originally meant for boys that are now commonly worn by girls. I do think, however, it is important to pair it with a feminine middle name.

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    I like Lohgan. Oswin is alright. Charlie I think of as a nn.

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