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    Ashton or Asher?- Asher. I love the nn Ash (which works for both) but Ashton to me equals the actor.
    Colton or Colter?- both are okay. Colter is a bit more interesting but Colton more usable.
    Connor or Conrad?- Connor. I've always liked Connor. It seemed like a cool kid name.
    Declan or Deacon?- Declan. Deacon is too wordy for me.
    Gareth or Garrett?- I don't like either, but Garrett is better. Rhett would be a nice nn.
    Lincoln or Lachlan?- oh. Why would you do this? I love both. I guess I will say Lachlan because Lincoln is getting popular.
    Ronan or Rohan?- Ronan, but I don't like either.
    Parker or Porter?- Porter is a bit cooler, because I've never met one, but I don't like either.
    Ryder or Rylan(d)?- Rylan. Ryder brings up not so nice imagery.
    Sawyer or Schuyler?- can neither be an option. I guess Sawyer is better. But both are nms, at all.
    Xander or Xavier?- Xander. Prefer it as a nn, but I'm not a fan of Xavier.
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    Ashton or Asher?
    - I definitely prefer Asher. I knew several Ashtons and none of them were the least bit kind to me. Asher has the currently trendy -er ending.

    Colton or Colter?
    - Colton most definitely. Colter just sounds odd and unpleasant. And bonus points for the Colton Haynes association.

    Connor or Conrad?
    - In theory, both are nice, but Connor takes my vote. Though I do love the vintage-y feel of Conrad, Connor seems more modern and life-long.

    Declan or Deacon?
    - I want to say Deacon, but all I can think of are adorable Pembroke-Welsh corgis running around. So, my vote goes to Declan.

    Gareth or Garrett?
    - I much prefer Garrett. I actually know a guy with this name and he's such a sweet and humble guy. Gareth sounds a bit dark and sinister, though I do see its potential.

    Lincoln or Lachlan?
    - Oh my gosh, I like both of these names! Um, Lincoln does have the Honest Abe association, but Lachlan gives a nice sense of imagery: a boy playing along side a stream, skipping rocks and watching little fish swim along the edge. So Lachlan.

    Ronan or Rohan?
    - I'm not really a fan of either, but Ronan sounds more pleasing to my ears.

    Parker or Porter?
    - Porter. I never got on board with the whole Parker thing and have long since given the name to the girls. Plus the name Porter has a special meaning for me.

    Ryder or Rylan(d)?
    - My first thought for these names is ew, but Ryder seems more... I don't know. I pick Ryder though.

    Sawyer or Schuyler?
    - Sawyer by far. Schuyler is a bit hard for me to spell. It also has the chance of being mispronounced, as a pp said.

    Xander or Xavier?
    - I feel like you did this on purpose since I like both of these names. If both was an option that would be my choice. I like Xander because of the Buffy character reference, but Xavier has the Professor X namesake... I can't choose.
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    Ashton or Asher?- I think Asher is better cause it doesn't have any strong associations like Ashton does to Kutcher. Asher also feels more naturey & of-the-moment
    Colton or Colter?- Not a big fan of either. Maybe Colton? How about Cotton?
    Connor or Conrad?- Conrad feels strong while Connor feels a bit 90s
    Declan or Deacon?- Deacon.
    Gareth or Garrett?- Garrett feels stronger & less lispy
    Lincoln or Lachlan?- Lincoln feels stronger & more storied
    Ronan or Rohan?- NMS but I guess Ronan
    Parker or Porter?- Neither really are for me cause I don't like occupation names like these, but Porter wins cause of Porter Wagoner.
    Ryder or Rylan(d)- I guess Ryder, but they're nms
    Sawyer or Schuyler?- Sawyer
    Xander or Xavier?- Xavier

    Conrad & Lincoln are my faves!

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    Ashton or Asher?- ASHER
    Colton or Colter- NEITHER
    Connor or Conrad?- CONNOR
    Lincoln or Lachlan?- LACHLAN
    Ronan or Rohan?RONAN
    Parker or Porter? NEITHER
    Ryder or Rylan(d)?NEITHER
    Sawyer or Schuyler? SAWYER.. SO CUTE!
    Xander or Xavier?- XAVIER
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