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Thread: Archie

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    I really like the name Archie, but wouldn’t use it as a first on its own. I am looking for a way to get to Archie as a nn or short form of a full name. I know of Archibald, but I just don’t love it, and Archer, which I don’t hate but also isn’t quite right. I would like to hear if there are any other suggestions out there. So any ideas of names that can be shortened to Archie?

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    Thanks Berries!

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    March? Or maybe something with a prominent Ar- sound, like Arthur or Arlo?

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    A shame you don't like Archibald. I would suggest Archimedes or Arthur.
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    If you don't like long forms for Archie (there aren't many) what do you think about nn Artie? Long forms for Artie would be Artikas, Arthur or Artur?
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    Arthur is so great with that sibset! I think Arthur is a great choice. Archie on it's own doesn't feel as complete as the other names.

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