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    Ohhhh thanks guys! You are totally right! I could call him fox as well as fenn! now I am loving it even more!
    Im glad it the name "Buckley Whit" was liked! I REALLY like that one too but have been told its a "unrealistic" name =s

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    I don't like it sorry. I prefer Finn to Fenn as well. I do however like Zachary. Zachary Fennec sounds quite good actually
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    Quote Originally Posted by seraares View Post
    haha ive been told that I pair a lot of hard c's. Does Fennec Joeseph flow better?
    I prefer Zachary to Zachariah personally..
    I do like Ford (except i worry about the vehicle manufacturer association), and fox.

    My other favorite boys names at the moment are...

    Huck Wesley
    Addison Jack
    Dexter Wesley
    Abel Gray
    Buckley Whit
    Simon Wesley
    Kessler Dean
    Graham Larsen
    Jett Carter
    Harrison Wesley
    Oliver Cole
    Maddox Jack
    Todd Wesley
    Wylie Grey

    (most of the middles are family names)
    I like a lot of the names you have listed. Fennec Joeseph sounds much better. Joeseph is such a handsome name. Fenn is a cool nn option. I dislike Fin or Finn for a nn and most Fin associated names as well. Although, Flynn just began to grow on me but I would only use it of ra boy as a nn or maybe for a middle or on a girl's middle.

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    Thats ok not everyone has to like it =) thats why I asked!

    Oh Im glad you like most of the names!
    Unfortunately I dont like Flynn either..=P Im difficult hey?
    hmmm well maybe I will have to give Fennec Joeseph more consideration! does anyone have any other ideas for what they think would sound good for a middle name for Fennec?

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