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    Oh, you've all given me some beautiful choices!!!!

    What do you think about Margaret? Maybe Margaret Grace? DH is definitely on board with Margaret. We call our oldest "Betsy", so to have a little "Maggie" around would be cute. What I like about Margaret, is that like Elisabeth, it's a pretty formal name that can have lots of possible nicknames, so she'll be able to decide what she wants to be called.

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    Well I know I suggested it, but I think Elisabeth and Margaret are very nicely matched! They are both in a small category of longer very classic formal names, together with Catherine and Caroline. Seems right up your style alley. Margaret Grace sounds very nice, Margaret Caroline sounds good too but I like the 3 1 rhythm a little bit better than the 3 3.

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    I love Margaret Grace or Margaret Caroline. Margaret is one of the few classics that can hold its own next to Elisabeth and Catherine. I also really like Caroline Grace, Caroline is a strong classic as well.

    I think Alexandra, Madeline or Hannah fit your description as well. Strong, classic, timeless. All would sound good with Margaret, Grace or Caroline as middle names.

    Madeline Grace
    Hannah Caroline
    Alexandra Grace
    Caroline Alexandra
    Margaret Hannah

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