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    Cecelia nn Celia

    also nn Lia/ Ella (unless Eliza has a similar nn?)/ Li (Lee)....LiLi (Lee-Lee is kinda cute )

    Good luck OP!

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    I prefer Cecelia. It's a gorgeous name and fits in perfect with your other children's names (which are both beautiful).

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    I prefer Josephine. Cecelia has always sounded too hissy and prissy to me. I adore Josephine, and love Josie, Posey, and Jo for nicknames.
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    I like both, but prefer Josie with your sibset. Something about saying Luke, Eliza, and Celia....just makes me notice the similarity in the 'a' endings for the girls while, Luke, Eliza, and Josie flows better to me. I like how the three names are distinct and unique. I agree with the majority though that you can't go wrong with either name.

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    You can't go wrong with either name ... But I adore Josephine, nn Josie, so that would be my pick. Luke, Eliza and Josie sound gorgeous - so does Luke, Eliza and Celia, but yeah... Both are super gorgeous names
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